MAKE A NOTE OF YOUR SCHEDULED MONTH and prepare to start discussing it with your cookmate(s) by the first of the month.  The sooner you contact Meghan at RMDH (518-438-2655) the sooner you can tell her what you want to cook, and the less likely that some other group will already have slotted in a similar meal that week.  Just last week, I had to change my… well, Peg had to change her menu twice in three days because we kept running into things that others had already claimed.  Don’t let this happen to you!


This year, I did something different and left June open.  Partially because I know that people won’t be able to make their assigned month, so they can (hopefully after telling the person they are slated to cook with!) move themselves to June and not have to worry about swapping.  Also, last year we had several Friends of the Club come and cook – one brought several friends of her own, so I’m hoping that we can bank on that generosity again and fill that slot that way.  We’ve got a few months before that becomes a problem, and I’m sure it will magically solve itself long before then.


Speaking of Friends of the Club… two people is generally not enough to make a dinner for ~45 people in an hour.  Three is better, four is great.  See if you can get people to help you; this is a great time to introduce people to Rotary… it’s an easy service project.  And if you can’t get anyone to lend a hand, let me know and I can reach out to our Friends list and see if any of them are available.


One last thing before I post the list: here are links to the RMDH site pages that list menu ideas and their rules for cooking.



Not sure how they can call it a “home cooked meal” if you can’t cook any of it at home, but I’m not their website editor…


Happy Cooking!