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We are cooking at the Ronald McDonald House every
4th Wednesday of each month.

  1. Volunteer Agreement (attached).  If you want to send that to me to send back to Julia, that’s no problem; otherwise, please confirm to me that you sent it directly.

  2. Volunteer Safety Training Protocols (attached).  This pdf has links to short videos.  In the Volunteer Agreement, you are signing that you have watched them.

  3. Volunteer Application (link).  I didn’t put too much additional information, other than that I was there to cook dinner with our Rotary club.  This is the link to register:


I’ve also attached the Meal Guidelines.


And here is the remaining information about cooking:


Your team is required to bring all the foods you are cooking for the house here, no prior food prep is allowed. We have a very big beautiful kitchen that is fully stocked with all the appliances you could ever need. All of the cooking is done here onsite. Teams usually arrive here around 3-4pm to cook & prepare for a 5pm dinner. You are cooking for 30+ guests. Dinner's are buffet style so there is no serving of food needed. Sometimes are census drops dramatically, so you can always reach out the week of your selected date to see how many guests we have.


We always ask for a protein, carbs (starch), and veggies. If you'd like to bring or bake a dessert too, that is wonderful. A classic example of a dinner would be: BBQ grilled chicken, mac & cheese, mixed salad,  brownies. I ask that you let me know what meal you're looking to cook as SOON as you know, so I can make sure no one else is also cooking up the same meal close to your date.


In order to keep the risk of COVID exposure low, everyone inside RMH is required to wear a mask and wear gloves (provided here) while handling ready to eat food. Each volunteer will undergo a quick wellness screening before entering our house.  

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