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Rotary Club of Colonie-Guilderland, New York and the
Rotary Club of Nueva Tegucigalpa, Honduras
invites you to be part of:

Community Filter and Education for
Children & Families in Trojes, Honduras

Your support of this project will help to signifi cantly improve the health and
lives of hundreds of children and their families by providing:

• Sustainable safe water through a community bio sand fi lter for 263 homes and 1 school, benefi ting
more than 1,575 people living in the village of Trojes.

• The water system has been improved, but turbidity and contamination continue for these families.
The construction of a community bio sand fi lter will address both of these issues and improve the
health of families and their children.

• Additional training for water boards, community leaders and families. The water board, consisting
of 7 community members, have received extensive training. The continuation of this project will
include education on the bio sand fi lter, its maintenance and follow up.

Together, we will create a life-changing wave of transformation for Honduran children and families!

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